Choosing A Camera to Travel With ( Part Two)

Film or Digital?



I will be the first to admit, one of the reasons I love film photography is the romanticism that comes with it.I am sucker for pointless methods, whether it be film photography or listen to music on vinyl. The easiest way to explain myself for most people is the term “hipster”.

I know that taking film ( especially medium format) makes no financial nor practical sense, however it genuinely took my too long to convince myself of this. I would love to bring my Mamiya 6 along, as I stated in last post it is literally one of my favourite cameras every created however it just doesn’t make sense in the long term. Sometimes you have to go with whats smart not with preferred.

Film or Digital?… Digital wins!

So I know I wanted to take a digital camera, however this lead me to my next question.

Which camera should I take?

At the time of writing this I have chosen and purchased my full set up for travel, however in this post I intend to explain how I arrived at this choice.

I started with a Nikon D600 SLR, along with a 50mm 1.4 and a wide angle (18-35 I believe), this was my main camera. In many ways it was a fantastic camera, however I never truly loved it. I also had a Fuji X100 ( the original model) and this was much more a step in the direction that I wanted to go.

The overall size of mirrorless* is an undeniable bonus, when it comes to digital cameras.Short of only using a Point and shoot this is as small as you can go.

*-Sidenote- To those who don’t know what I mean when I say a mirrorless camera let me briefly explain. A standard DSLR camera uses a mirror and a prism in order to see what you are photographing, this is why they have real to life viewfinders. Mirrorless cameras remove the mirror and prism and place the lens directly in-front of the sensor. The advantage is mostly size, and the main disadvantage is the lack of a traditional viewfinder.

Most camera companies have now realised a Mirrorless camera, so their are a lot of options in the market ranging in prices.


Sony have released several very good mirrorless cameras over the last few years, ranging from the A6000 to the A7 series.

Both great options but at the time wasn’t quite what I was looking for.


Ahh Fujifilm, I hate to say how much I have loved the direction you have gone in the last few years. The X100 was a great camera when it was realised, for many photographer reinventing their love for taking photos. Since this point they have realised quite a few interesting cameras, ranging from the X-Pro range with their hybrid optical viewfinder to XT range which opted for the Digital viewfinder

I think I found what I was looking for.

In my next post I will explain which one I went for.


Till next time .





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