We set a date! (step 1 in planning the adventure)

Like most other couples our age we have set a date! However for us this is not a wedding date but a trip date. Since university both me and Dave knew we wanted to go travelling and that we wanted to go to Asia. We have both been saving on and off since then but with no real timescale due to having to find work and houses after university. It had always felt like a far off dream and just seemed like such a big thing to start planning. So about ten months ago we decided we needed to take the first step towards making this dream a reality and actually set a date that we were going to go to Asia. We wanted to set a time frame that was realistic for hardcore saving but wasn’t years in the future. We also had to take into account other factors such as Dave potentially wanting to try to get into the RAF when we get back, that meant travelling sooner as Dave will be closer to approaching 30 when we get back and that is the cut off for him applying. I also wanted to make sure I could leave my job at the end of a term and then travel, so that it was easier for my work (in education) to get someone in for the new term and leave on good terms as I hope to return. Plus we have also had to make sure that we were back in time for my sister’s wedding. With all this in mind we set the month to go as January 2017 (which is now fast approaching)!

With a clear date in mind it meant that we could work out how much we could realistically save each month which gave us a budget for our trip. We plan to travel Asia for around 11 months… a lot of savings required!

So that is Step 1 to planning a big trip- Work out where you want to go, when you plan to go and how long for. This means you  can work out a budget you can realistically achieve.





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